Update on Vince and his cats. Just want everyone to know that the response to this story of the 85 year old man who has been feeding 2 colonies of community cats on his social security check was phenomenal. Over $1000.00 in gift cards and checks have come in for Vince making this the best Christmas he's had in a long time. All donations are going to buy food for the 20 plus cats in 2 colonies. We also succeeded in catching the kittens born to a cat that was dumped in one of the colonies this summer. They have all been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped. Huge thank you to Aunt Helen's Cat Rescue for taking them in. Vince is sending thank you notes to everyone who donated. If you haven't received yours yet it's because he's doing each one the old fashioned way - in hand writing as he doesn't have a computer. If you haven't donated yet, but would like to, you can send gift cards for Walmart , Giant or Petsmart to No Kill Lehigh Valley PO Box 4272 Bethlehem, Pa. 18018. And to all who have contributed and sent lovely notes and letters - thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
These 2 sweet kittens found at Lehigh Carbon Community College got a forever home! We are very grateful and hoping for an update to hear how they are doing.
This is Alexander the Great. He was given this name by his rescuer because of his strength and determination to live. Alexander was found on a country road with his 2 siblings. A mother cat was found nearby. She had been shot. The babies were in bad shape. They had been attacked by maggots. Two did not make it. Alexander was treated at Quakertown Vet Clinic. He is now in foster care and doing remarkably well thanks to his courage and the care he is receiving. Send good thoughts his way. Huge thank you to the wonderful volunteers who saved this little guy.
This is Lucky. He was hanging out at a pool supply place with an injured leg. The owner was going to have him "put to sleep" because he didn't want to pay for a vet. Fortunately, a Good Samaritan stepped in. She took Lucky to a vet where x rays revealed that he has a hernia in addition to the leg problem. His young rescuer was quoted between $2500 and $3500 to fix the hernia and another $500 to $1000 for the leg. She contacted No Kill Lehigh Valley and we sent her to Dr. Lori Milot for a consultation. She has arranged for a surgeon to do the hernia for between $1500 - $1800.00 and we will be subsidizing the cost. It turns out that the leg was an old injury and doesn't require surgery at all. Please know that you can always get a second opinion if you can't manage the cost of surgery or treatment for your animal. Lucky now has a great home with a very wonderful young woman!
Remember Bella? She had a ruptured uterus and was in critical condition when she went to Dr. Lori Milot. Here she is after recovery from surgery ready to go home. No Kill Lehigh Valley and Starting Over Animal Rescue subsidized the cost of her care and Dr. Milot worked her magic
Look at these 2 adorable beings. The human is 16 year old Katryna. The kitty is 8 week old Romeo. Romeo was being kicked around by a group of teenage boys when Katryna saw what was going on and rushed in to stop them and save him. Her parents were experiencing a difficult time financially. Nonetheless, they took Romeo right to Quakertown Veterinary Clinic as an emergency. Romeo was dirty and matted and had a nasty wound on his side. The family was limited in what they could afford. QVC contacted us and we agreed to pay the bill - no question in this case! Now little Romeo has a great and loving home and his Mom reports that he is playing like a kitten should. Thank you Katryna for being a hero!
This is Gucci. He was out for a stroll with his mom when he was attacked by a pit bull. Obviously, Gucci got the bad end of the encounter. We received a frantic call for help. His elderly mom could not afford emergency care so we sent them to Quakertown Veterinary Hospital and paid for his treatment. He is home and doing well - except for that cone! Once again, thank you to the great staff at QVC.
This is Smokey. He is 14 weeks old. His mom called us today from Banfield Vet Hospital. Smokey somehow broke his femur - 2 days ago. Mom had been trying to borrow the money to take him to the vet. She had managed to get $100.00. She took him to Banfield by bus. The money she had was not enough for X-rays so they suggested she call us. We agreed to pay the bill and asked the doctor to stabilize the leg until we can make arrangements with a wonderful traveling orthopedic surgeon
This is Marmalade. This poor girl had just been adopted from Animal Care and Control in Phila. Apparently she had come in with an active herpes virus, but was spayed and vaccinated there. She developed an infection at her incision and her virus was aggravated. The couple who adopted her brought her to Quakertown Vet and were facing a significant bill for her care. The hospital contributed from their angel fund and we are contributing enough to make her care possible. Hopefully, Marmalade, a little stray from Phila will now have a chance at a decent life.
The kitten was taken in by a cat rescuer. She was from a neighborhood in Allentown where they regularly discard older kittens. A string had been wrapped around her paw and circulation was cut off. She has been in Quakertown Vet Clinic for 3 days. At first they thought the paw could be saved but it now appears that amputation is necessary. She will see an orthopedist this week. We will assume full financial responsibility as her rescuer is without funds.
This is Iggy. This 8 month old cat came in to Quakertown Veterinary Clinic as an emergency with pyometra - an infected womb. This potentially fatal disease is rarely seen in a young cat. Her people had only $200 so a kind doctor reached out to us for funding and we were able to provide it thanks to our donors and the Banfield Charitable Trust grant.
This is incredibly adorable Simon. He has kidney stones, a very painful condition requiring expensive surgery. His mom called us today asking for help to pay for his surgery because she has exhausted all other options. When I told her we could contribute $500.00, she burst into tears. We get that a lot. Thanks to the Banfield Charitable Trust and your support we are able to help Simon.
This is Molly. She's a two year old Golden. She needs surgery for - guess what- a blocked intestine! If you've been following our posts you know there is an epidemic of blocked intestines this week. We have just provided financial support for 2 kitties with this problem last week. And now here's Molly. Her mom and dad were thinking that they would be putting her to sleep. The folks at Quakertown called us. They are contributing from their angel fund and the parents are able to contribute $1000.00. We're providing another $1000.00. That made the difference and Molly will live. Thanks to the folks at Quakertown for reaching out to get help for their patients.
This is Peaches. She had been in labor for 24 hours with a kitten stuck in her birth canal when she was brought to a vet by her distraught humans. She needed emergency surgery , but her people had very little money. The vet called No Kill Lehigh Valley. Thanks to some recent contributions from generous supporters we were able to contribute enough money to save Peaches' life. Thanks to those who take a moment to send donations - you really are life savers. And yes, she is now spayed.