We focus our energy on providing financial support for medical care for cats and dogs whose owners cannot afford care and low cost spay/neuter for cats.
T/N/R (Trap/Neuter/Return) refers to the practice of catching free roaming cats in a humane trap, transporting them to a veterinarian where they are spayed or neutered and inoculated and then releasing them back into their natural environment. During this process, T/N/R volunteers discover "scared friendlies" who can be placed in homes as well as youngsters who can be socialized and do not have to continue to live a life on the streets. The cats who are returned to their environment are able to live out their lives without the problems associated with mating and raising babies.
Operation Catsnip events have engaged local veterinary hospitals and the EPAA mobile spay/neuter unit in an effort to provide low cost spay/neuter services. The events are typically held in the Fall and Spring. These events are held in an effort to reduce the unwanted animal population by doing a large number of spay/neuters during the times of the year when that service is needed most. To register, contact us at nokill.lehighvalley@gmail.com. We want to thank the doctors, technicians, and volunteers for donating their time and facilities to Operation Catsnip, especially without whose generous help we would not be able to hold this event. If you would like to be kept informed about Operation Catsnip and other plans to make our community safe for companion animals, send us an e-mail at and ask to be put on our e mail list.
Low Cost Vaccine Clinics and financial support for critically ill animals are ways that we help animals whose owners cannot afford vaccines or medical care for their companion or free roaming animals. This initiative gives a second chance to animals who might be euthanized or allowed to suffer and die in the street.